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  • Plain tile roof of Glauchau Castle
  • Old German slate roof of Rochlitz Castle
  • Plain tile roof of Limbach`s Council Hall
  • Slate tile roof in Burgstaedt
  • Slate tile roof in Chemnitz
  • Slate tile roof in Hartmannsdorf
  • Slate roof with wooden wallboard extension in Muehlau
  • Slate tile roof with standing seam dormers in Russdorf
  • Brick roof with gabled roof dormer
  • Brick roof with hexagonal tower
  • Brick roof with balcony construction in Muehlau
  • Rabbit hutch roof in Muehlau
  • Sandwich roof panel
  • Red brick roof in Muehlau
  • Slate roof of a church
  • Clinic as a hipped roof with 2 cross roofs
  • Clinic in Muehlau
  • Sandwich roof panel with light and ventilator crown
  • Industrial workshop with steel trapezoid cladding
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